Types of devices:

CNC turning center (E160LC hyundai with part cather) manual turning center( 1 and 1.5 meters) Dirilling machine CNC band saw machine chamfering and end size machine (full-automatic) centerless griding machine MANUAL milling machine Vertical crimping for exterior fully automatic surfaces Sharpen the tool machine Precision control tools in digital and micron It should be noted that all consumables used are all grade-first.


In addition to its machining capabilities in axial components, it has been contracted by companies with skilled and experienced contractors in diversified fields such as supplying raw materials, furnace heat treatment, induction, Nitruration, phosphate working and … Provides all your services from 0 to 100 pieces of work, so that the customer only needs to provide the plot and sample of the piece for production and deliver the work in packaged form from the company.

((Parts that do not have a technical map, the company can also take over the reverse engineering work according to the customer’s needs))